Parrot AR Drone – FAQ

AR Drone 2

Is Parrot AR Drone worth all this money?
Yes certainly. It’s under the expense of putting a decent 450 heli in the air and i believe the resell price will probably be fine in case i get tired of. No remorse on the cost per smile to me.
Insufficient range on wireless?
I have yet to have the Wireless cut down on me, therefore it looks a lot better than advertised so far.
Is the camera slow?
From time to time yes. Sometimes it is fast and smooth and at times it stutters. Not sufficient for FPV, add your own cam system for that. Though the video stream is fun and that’s what exactly this bird is about
Better to fly without camera but looking at it?
Yes I am not sure if it’s me and my own heli flying habits, but I’m mainly watching the AR Drone itself, looking at the screen only if I remember it has video on it
Wouldn’t the Parrot AR Drobe be better with a 2.4GHz system?
Will be awesome to have the choice to fly with a 2.4 transmitter. Still can feel odd controlling by tilting the iPad.
Decent in wind?
Much better than I expected initially. It is a bit bumpy but generally seems to hold up well overall
Better at hovering than moving around?
Better at hovering where we have a clear terrain pattern. See those advertising videos with a extremely paterned floor? I believe that is to get the best holding result on the down facing camera. It is not as good on lawn, drifting within around a foot roughly. Forward flight appears to be real simple, far better at both than I was expecting.
AR Drone is too fragile? You would have to often shell few hundred bucks to Parrot for either parts or new one?
Well it depends. It’ll break if you drive in to a wall. It is not that tough but it is stronger feeling as compared to I feared it could be. I think it’ll hold up a lot better than your ordinary RTF little heli. Let’s wait and watch how long ┬áit holds up.

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