AR Drone outdoor flight instructions

Flying outdoors might be tricky, get the basics and don’t risk losing your drone in the wind!

AR Drone gaming demo

Get idea what the AR Drone game play will be like. Of course this only gives you a slight taste, since it’s gonna be completely new gaming experience! The future is here with AR Drone :)

The problem with hovering over grass.

Here you can clearly see the popular problem with hovering over glass, it isn’t big deal but one should expect a tad better from toy of that price range. It floats quite a bit when the texture of the ground is monotone. Well that can’t ruin the fun, we are just saying :)

AR Drone around the world!

The Parrot AR drone is all over the world already! From the beaches of the west coast to Japan. Lots of little, sweet drones are buzzing around, be careful! :)

See the world from an AR Drone’s eyes!

Here is a quite cool video, and the best quality so far (we guess it’s with an outside additional camera with memory card), because usually the video stream from the AR Drones built-in cam isn’t that fast and nice. Anyway, see the world from a Drone’s perspective! :)

(This one gets quite high)

Nice video review of the AR Drone

Here is one of the most fair reviews we have seen from independent source! They are explaining how to connect and then just fly around in the park! It’s easy even for first timers as you will see.